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is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Special Operations Associates, Inc.
3405 Cambridge Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
Phone:  702-386-8065 / Fax:  702-386-9720

Looking to assemble the perfect tradeshow?
Look no further, we will assist in your endeavor, by saving you time , effort and money .

By keeping in constant contact with exhibitors and show management, we're able to handle situations before they become a problem for you.

No matter what your security needs, SOA Consulting delivers. Though our close working relationships with in-house security, local police departments, general contractors, building services, we can ensure your event runs smoothly.

Traffic Control
Crowd Control
Booth Security
Other Specialized Services
Armed/Unarmed Escorts
Video Surveillance
Specialized Investigations
Freight Management
Exhibitor Management
Interaction with Vendors
Enforce Show Rules
Monitor Union Rules


Floor Management

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